Adults Only Hotels in Kos

There are a few types of vacation by the sea like vacation with family and with kids.

But very often parents, both young and old, want to spend a week or so together by the sea leaving their kids with grandparents. If your efforts have crowned with success and you’ve gone without your kids you will probably not want to hear other children screaming and yelling as you are looking for romantic atmosphere and want to enjoy peace and quiet.

When we were looking for a hotel on Kos Island we found out that many hotels there and especially new ones develop the adult only or 16+ holiday concept. Call it as you like but it’s the same principle.

Adults Only Hotels pic

The Sensimar Michelangelo resort & spa hotel where we stayed at is also based on the same concept. However, young pairs who prefer travelling with kids also can stay at this hotel. As for us we found such policy quite attractive for travelers.

Peace and romance could be enjoyed in every corner especially near the pool. I cannot imagine creating romantic atmosphere with children! Besides, it could even be dangerous for them.

The same can be said about all other parts of the hotel including restaurant.

Of course I understand other people who are never disturbed by children. But it’s great that people have an opportunity to choose the type of vacation.

Pay attention to the notes when looking for a hotel on booking . Usually you can see the notes “16+”, “18+” or “Adult only” in the hotel name. There are a few hotels like this

Youth Recreation on Kos Island

Kos Island is a small patch of land in Aegean Sea. However, it’s the place where millions of tourists decide to spend their long-awaited vacations annually. It’s a place where you will never get bored. No matter how patriarchal and quiet the island’s lifestyle seems young people can always find plenty of entertainment that will make their vacation unforgettable.

You can choose family apartments or a fashionable 5-star hotel, a noise beach or an unvisited quiet mountain village. A lot of beaches will suit all tastes. You can choose sandy or pebble beach, civilized or wild beach, shallow water beach, a hot water beach or a black sandy beach. There is even a beach with small bubbles coming from the beach bottom. It’s like a unique natural Jacuzzi.

Never lacking in noisy entertainment is what can easily be said about Kos Island.

You can visit thematic festivals being held in different villages, e.g. Fish festival, Ouzo festival, Honey festival, annual festivals with performances, shows and sport competitions, February festivals and April fair in Pyli. The masterpieces of the local cuisine, ancient traditions and local inhabitants’ hospitality make the festivals extremely attractive to the island’s visitors.

But don’t forget to visit local tourist attractions such as the Plane Tree of famous healer Hippocrates, Asklepion Temple complex or the Bigarade Castle of Joanites (The Castle of the Knights of Saint John).

Regarding recreation, I cannot but mention famous Greek cuisine noted for its very special dishes popular on Kos Island. Among them are “krasotiri” (cheese cooked with wine), ksinomizithra (local sourish cheese), squids and shrimp salad, stewed pork with rice, tomato jam, local wines and Ouzo. Here even a true diet fanatic would yield to temptation!

I would rephrase the famous saying “You can find everything in Greece!” into “You can find everything and even more on Kos!” Come and see yourself!

Sensimar Michelangelo Resort & Spa, Kos Greece

During our vacation on Kos Island we stayed at the Sensimar Michelangelo resort & spa hotel.


As I mentioned a few times, the reason why we chose Kos as the place to go to for a vacation was the hotel. We spent a few days reading the reviews and viewing the pictures of the hotel and its infinity pool, and as a result we booked the flight and the hotel on Kos. It turned out to be the right choice.

Kos Greece pic

We travelled a lot but it was one of the rare occasions when the description and the pictures fully reflect the reality. I must say that the reality turned out to be even better! We more than enjoyed our vacation on Kos Island and it was to a large extent due to the hotel.

Kos vavation photo

We knew beforehand that we expected to get the highest possible pleasure from a hotel and booked a sea-view suit. The price difference was $15 but we got much more than we expected! We got a wonderful first row suit right in front of the pool.

Kos Island picture

Kos offers plenty of breathtaking views but the view from our room was just fantastic and unforgettable and we could enjoy it during our entire vacation. We would sit without saying a word enjoying the view day and night, early morning and late evening. One day we even didn’t go for a walk and spent wonderful time on our balcony speaking and enjoying the fantastic view.

Sensimar Michelangelo Resort & Spa photo

I’m not sure that photos and videos can convey our feelings but in reality the view was charming and magnetic. I don’t know whether all the sea-view rooms were the same but as for our suite we found it really fantastic. It was a beautifully designed spacious room with a large and very comfortable bed, air conditioning and nice bathroom.

Kos Hotel picture

As I mentioned above our room was in the first row. The hotel is housed in a few buildings and small houses each of them having between nine and twelve rooms. One of the buildings dominating the whole complex is a building with lobby, restaurant, bar, Spa and wellness centre.

Kos Island Greece photo

As for us we made half board booking. The hotel offered very good breakfasts including a large variety of cheeses and salads, several types of pudding and eggs. Besides, fresh juice and a wide selection of desserts were always available. The supper was nice too and included a wide selection of meat and fish dishes, salads, soups, spices and desserts. As you probably know from the hotel reviews, you are not permitted to bring your own water and you have to pay for it. But you just have to accept it as it is the rule common for most hotels.

The hotel complex is located 8 km from Kos town. If you rent a car on Kos Island you will never have any problems. Here is also a shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes from early till late and the cost is 1.5 euro. If you are in a pinch you can take a taxi.

The complex offers three swimming pools the main and the most beautiful of which is an amazing infinity pool. Although the water is a bit cold swimming in it is really beyond words. Even just relaxing near the pool with a glass of cocktail is really cool. Apart from the pool there is Jacuzzi and a bar in the other, smaller pool.

The hotel has its own private beach. It can be regarded as one of the disadvantages as it is far from the hotel. Besides, it’s a beach covered with pebbles and even cobbles. Frankly speaking, it’s not the best beach on Kos Island.

Another disadvantage of the hotel is its location. You have to walk up the hill in order to reach it. Besides, strong winds always blow here and you never can understand what “wind” means until you feel it.

The hotel is for adults only though sometimes you can see kids there. It’s being presented as a 15+ hotel and if you are a couple looking for romance the hotel fits the bill.

Sensimar Michelangelo resort & spa does not offer some special night shows. Usually it is saxophone or a themed night but to my mind that’s enough.

Here you can read other impressions of the hotel

I recommend clicking this link to compare prices for that hotel

Here you will find a wide selection of sites offering this hotel.

As you understood from my reviews we liked the hotel very much and we highly recommend booking it!

Kos pictures

As you can see we enjoyed spending our vacation on Kos Island. Photos can convey perfectly our feelings during that wonderful vacation.

I photographed a lot on Kos. However there were a lot of places I didn’t photograph. Despite my love for taking photos and creating websites I often didn’t take the camera to the beach as I was afraid to spoil it with sand, dust, wet and sun.

Nevertheless, I took pictures of the major attractions and places. I would like to get your opinion on the photos I took.

If you hesitate to go to Kos Island I hope the photos will help you make the right choice or just get a clear impression of the island.