Hotels in Kos Island

As I’ve already mentioned several times, it was the hotel’s beauty and excellent reviews that determined our choice of Kos Island.

The hotel that made such a great impression on us was called Sensimar Michelangelo resort & spa. I recommend clicking the following link to see the excellent reviews and photos yourself.

Michelangelo resort & spa is a 5 star luxury hotel. It offers wonderful spacious rooms with beautiful design and very comfortable beds. You can enjoy magnificent views of the sea and the pool. I highly recommend booking a room in the hotel’s first row with view both of the sea and the infinity pool.

The hotel has a wonderful infinity pool and it will be really enjoyable to swim and relaxing there day and night.

Kos Hotels photo

The hotel offers excellent service. We chose a half board room and were very satisfied both with breakfast and supper.

Kos Island Greece pic

The whole hotel territory is full of relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Michelangelo resort & spa is being promoted as a hotel for adults only. But as far as I understood, they will not make you check out if you come with kids. We saw even two kids during our stay in the hotel.

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One of the disadvantages of the hotel is a strong wind. Only when you feel it you will know what does “strong wind” means. Another disadvantage is a not so good beach covered with large pebbles changing to cobbles. Besides, the hotel is located in the centre of the town. But if you rent a car the last two disadvantages will not be a problem.

Kos Hotel photo

Click the link below and compare prices on Michelangelo resort & spa hotel that various websites offer.

Of course, apart from “our hotel” Kos island offer the widest choice of absolutely new and luxury hotels. I think the reason is that over the last years there has been rapid growth of tourism on the island.

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Kos Island has a lot of adults-only hotels. If you are a couple and looking for peace and quiet it is worth choosing this kind of hotel.

If you come with children Kos Island will offer you a large number of hotels with the widest selection of amusement rides for kids.

Kos Island also offers a lot of All-inclusive hotels. Clicking the link below you can find and compare prices nearly on all the hotels of Kos Island.

Take into consideration travelers’ reviews. I recommend choosing a sea view hotel, which will enrich your vacation with plenty of good impressions.

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