I will start the narration about Kefalos with the place called Agios Stefanos. It’s a small place a bit east away from Kefalos. It is famous for a ruined 5th century basilica located right on the beach. Besides, from the beach you can enjoy view of a small island of Kastri with the monastery of Agios Nikolas. It is considered to be one of the most famous views of Kos Island.

Kefalos Kos

A modern village of Kefalos is located on the site of the historical capital of Kos Island called Papavasili. Kefalos is a quite densely built-up village with an old traditional Greek windmill overlooking it.

You can see plenty of archaeological excavations that are remains of ancient temples and an ancient town. There are also more modern constructions such as the Blessed Virgin Mary Church and the Monastery of Agios Ioannis which is located to the west of the church.

A bit east of Kefalos a chain of the most wonderful beaches starts. Here you can read about these beaches and also about the Paradise beach.

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