Kos Town

Kos Town is the capital of Kos Island.

Despite numerous historical sites the town is rather young. It was reconstructed after a catastrophic earthquake that happened in 1933.

Attractions of Kos Town are another topic for another time. Here I would like to tell you about wonderful atmosphere of the town.

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Kos is a very beautiful, clean and green town. It’s also very pleasant to take a walk there enjoying its old buildings and picturesque taverns.

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Like in any island town the port is an integral and central part of the town. You can see a lot of yachts and large ships and ferries coming into the harbor. Here you will be offered day trips to other islands and to Turkey. Besides, you will enjoy taking a night or evening walk around the harbor.

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Not far from the harbor there is a beautiful building of the administrative centre. Formerly it belonged to the Italians who ruled the island until 1948.

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Apart from that building Kos Island is home to other numerous beautiful and unique buildings. You can view photos of those buildings and many other things in the “Photos of Kos Island“ section.
In the centre of the town you can see the central square called Eleftherias. There are also the Gazi Hassan Mosque, the municipal market Agora and the entrance to the Archaeological Museum.
Due to strong Muslim influence on the town there are a lot of interesting streets there.
Just a little bit far from there a very beautiful St. Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Church is located.
From here start long lines of souvenir shops where you can buy anything including Greek figurines, amphoras, garments, leather goods and many other things.

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The town of Kos offers the widest selection of restaurants and taverns for any taste. Some of them you can find in old picturesque buildings and others are just in the town streets.

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Most of the pavements are divided into footpaths and bikeways. Very often a bikeway is wider than a footpath as both the island and the town areas are considered to be paradise for bikers.

The town of Kos offers an extremely exciting night life. But that will be another story for another time.

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Now I would like to tell you a few words about tourist attractions of the town of Kos.

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