Mastichari is another small village on the northern coast of Kos Island.

Frankly speaking, all the villages look like each other.

Mastichari photo

Nevertheless, each of them has its own peculiarity.

As for Mastichari, its peculiar feature is a small harbor that receives very big ferries connecting Kos with the neighboring island of Kalymnos.

Mastichari restaurants picture

Mastichari is a home for numerous taverns built in Greek style with small tables and blue windows and roofs. It must be enjoyable to have dinner there in the shadow of trees.

Mastichari Kos photo

The taverns offer the most fresh sea products provided by fishermen.

The island is also noted for numerous small houses many of which have been converted into private hotels and their doors are always open.

Mastichari Hotels photo

Among the island’s attractions you can see the ruins of an ancient 5th century basilica with survived fragments of mosaic.

Mastichari Kos Greece photo

And certainly one of the major attractions is the sea itself and a few kilometers of the cleanest beach offering clean comfortable sun loungers with umbrellas. We came to Mastichari in the afternoon and were lucky that nobody approached us in order to take a fee for the sun loungers 🙂

Southern coast of Kos Island

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