Paradise Beach

The Paradise beach is probably the most famous beach on Kos Island.

Bubble beach Kos

Due to the crystal clear water and fine white sand the place looks like an exotic beach. So a day or even a few hours spent on the beach can become a real highlight of your vacation on Kos, Greece. You will certainly enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the place!

The beach is equipped with very comfortable sun loungers with umbrellas available for rent for 3 euro per person.

The beach also offers a small bar and a complex of water rides and attractions including banana-boating, water skis and others.

Paradise Beach Kos photo

Not far from here there is a small water park right in the sea. Of course it can hardly be called a real water park. It’s rather a complex consisting of a few slides and inflatable rocks in the water. But I suppose the place may be very exciting for teenagers.

Good beach Kos photo

As for the water it is considered to be very cold due to the cold currents. However, it is probably very enjoyable in hot August days.

Another interesting fact is that the Paradise beach is often called the Bubble beach. Right near the coast you can see bubbles caused by volcanic gases coming from the beach bottom. It’s a rather unusual and exciting natural phenomenon.

The bubbles are not like those you see in Jacuzzi and they are without any odor. However, it’s quite exciting both for adults and children to walk between such sources of water bubbles.

I will give you a small tip that could be useful. I was lying on the water surface in a place with plenty of bubbles trying to relax as much as possible. The sound of bubbles made such a calming effect on me that I nearly fell asleep and went out of the water in a very relaxed state.

Paradise Beach pic

The Paradise beach is not the only beach in the area. A chain of beaches with very nice sand and crystal blue water stretches 13 kilometers east from Kefalos.

Let’s continue our trip in Kardamena.

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