12 kilometers away from the town of Kos there is a sea-pool with hot water springs called Thermes (Empros Thermi) which I consider to be a very exciting and even unique place.

You can reach it either by car or by shuttle running regularly back and forth. You can get the timetable at the ticket booth like the one we saw not far from the administrative center. Another good possibility is using a bicycle although the roads are little uphill.

However, no matter what means of transport you choose you will have to walk another 20-30 minutes to reach the Thermes. It should be noted that although the road is rather picturesque with beautiful views of the sea and cliffs it is quite steep. The road is rather easy to go down but it’s rather difficult to go up especially after relaxing effect of the hot spring.

Thermes Kos Greece photo

The spring itself is a small natural sea-pool with hot water springs separated from the sea only with boulders. The temperature in the sea-pool is quite high. But if you manage to find a place near the stones you will have a breathtaking and unforgettable effect of hot spring water mixing with the cold water coming from the sea.

Thermes pic

The spring waters are considered to have healing features and you can heal a lot of diseases such as problems with skin, joints, respiration and gynecological organs. But despite of big pleasure it is quite dangerous to stay in the water for more than 20-30 minutes.

Thermes Kos photo

My video will give you an additional impression of the Thermes.

It should be noted that it’s an unorganized free entry place with no changing rooms, toilets and even stalls. However, I highly recommend visiting the Thermes at least once. It is also recommended visiting it in the evening or even at night.

Thermes Beach picture

There is a more organized beach very close to the Thermes but it is a pebble beach and that is why only enthusiasts will enjoy it.


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