Zia is being promoted as a typical Greek village.

Zia photo

Of course Kos Island is not like Santorini and there are very few houses with blue roofs and blue window frames here. But that’s the very thing many tourists need and as the saying goes, demand breeds supply.

zia village pic

In the village of Zia you can see a few taverns built and decorated in a traditional Greek style.

Greek taverna photo

Besides, there are houses and streets painted blue. You can view the photos of Zia in the section “Kos pictures”.

Kos trip photo

There are plenty of shops offering natural products like honey, soap and syrups.

typical Greek village picture

But there are also a few tourist streets where you can see crowds of tourists and plenty of souvenir shops offering “Chinese plastics”.


One of the most boosted “attractions” of the island is a Greek night in a Greek tavern. The price of that pleasure is around 40 euro including transfer to and from the hotel. Apart from the transfer the price includes supper and a show of local actors performing popular Greek songs and dances.

Kos village photo

Zia is also popular for its amazing sunset and breathtaking views of the whole island. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to enjoy the sunset. But we took a walk around the village enjoying beautiful views on the island.

Zia church photo

In very close proximity to Zia there is another village of Pyli.

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